Pacific Northwest: British Colombia, Washington & Oregon

As we've arrived in California today, it's time to look back on the last 2 months. First up, Canada. Coming from Alaska, British Colombia definitely felt crowded. Although the Rockies are (rightly so!) well know for their beautiful rugged mountain peaks, it feels hard to appreciate wilderness with a wild amount of tourists around you. However, having the opportunity to enjoy it all with family was great. After they left, Anne & I had to find our own rhythm again. As we made our way down, Washington turned out to be a great surprise. Its rough coast line and the (Alaska-like) Northern Cascades only seem to be know to Washingtonians, not rightly so. As goes for Oregon, its coast is the state's pride but the state seems to be unpopular with Europeans as well.

Seemingly more so than its Canadian neighbours, Washington and Oregon seem to be internally divided. Progressive metropolises Seattle and Portland (Portlandia is so accurate) feel like a different world from the rural areas. Let's see how California is different.