Snow-peaked mountain ranges, wildlife and the summer solstice with it's never ending days. When greeted upon arrival by a grazing moose in someones front yard, we had a feeling the state's reputation may be accurate.

Anchorage is jokingly but truthfully said to be nice because it's 20 minutes from wilderness. While Alaskan cities feel bare and desolate, they are all close to natural beauty. Even though we were crippled at first by not having a car, we were still able us to explore the surroundings thanks to the most expensive public transport ever but even more so due to helpful, friendly Alaskans willing to borrow us their cars, trucks, bicycles and canoes.

Hiking into well defined trails may not seem adventurous, though seeing half the Alaskans carry guns on their chest and the other half sporting bear spray gave these walks a strange flavour. Trails are nice for speed and safety reasons, it’s easy to get lost and bears do not like groups of people. However, Alaska truly is wild and best appreciated when no-one is in sight. And as Alaskans will tell you, 'oh boy, is this an empty state!'