A little bit more text and explanation this time! During our visit to Colombia, we've visited a large part of the tourist trail. Our itinerary was as follows:

Pasto - San Augustin - Desierto Tatacoa - Filandia - Salento - Parque Natural Nacional Los Nevados - Medellín - Bogotá - Villa de Leyva - La Mojarra - Cartagena - Rincón del Mar - Cartagena -> boat to Panamá.

Nothing truly adventurous (except for Los Nevados. In short; don't visit in the rainy season without rubber boots) but amazing none the less. We planned for three weeks and stayed for six but you can easily spend a few months in Colombia. It's big, it's beautiful and people are exceptionally kind and helpful. In the words of the owner of a hardware store; you can travel the world but Colombia has it all. Many others we've met have felt the same. By leaving Colombia, we leave South America but we will definitely come back. 

Enough already, on to the photo's!