I was born in 1987 in The Netherlands. I’ve gained my BSc and MSc degrees in Health Sciences at VU University however, photography has always been what I loved to do and I've worked on freelance assignments during my studies. Since 2015 I’ve started working on personal projects. The focus of my work is on man-made spaces and landscapes. Neutral colours, simple compositions and tranquility are key elements of my photography. I aim to give a glimpse into unseen but ordinary spaces. 


2016 - NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2017 group show at 5&33 Gallery, Art’Otel, Amsterdam
2015 - Solo exhibition with Refusing Landscapes at Coffee Company van Woustraat, Amsterdam


2017 - New Dawn Instragram Takeover
2017 - Square Magazine Issues 801


Refusing Landscapes

Japan has one of the highest population densities in the world. Due to the country's high need of space and a culture where efficiency and organising are of high priority, it's landscapes are highly cultivated. However, the strength of nature is visible in many places, making it both respected and feared. The series 'Refusing Landscapes' (2015) examines the relationship between man and nature in Japan.


‘Industry’ (2016) is a series on unseen industrial sites in rural Amsterdam. Although these spaces are essential to our economy and society they are an almost abstract concept. What do our resources look like before and after they serve our daily purposes?